Project 1: Squibbles

Project 1: Anatomy of the Squibble: Creative Description Through Visual Display of Information.
Due Date: Beginning of class period January 27, 2011

You have been hired as a scientific illustrator to create a public education poster to be displayed at the Roswell UFO Festival July 1-4, 2011.  Working on your own, use your current drawing, design and creative skills to form a visual representation of the information in the Anatomy of the Squibble article.  Your task is to clearly convey this data in a visually interesting and informative way.  Remember to show what is described and strive to do so in the most clear, simple and straight forward manor.  Have fun and be creative!!!


  1. Text may only be used in the title and as a labeling system.  (1-2 word labels, no written descriptions).
  2. The illustration must be in color and print ready.
  3. Size and resolution: 11”x14” landscape or portrait at 150 ppi in RGB color.
  4. The final piece should be saved in flattened PDF Format and labeled as follows:  LastName_Ex1_Squibble_S2010.pdf.  Email to before the start of class on 1/27.
  5. Post a jpeg version of your squibble to the blog before the start of class on 1/27.  Be sure to select the project 1 category when posting.
  6. Be prepared to discuss your process and decisions during class critique on 1/27

Below is a pdf copy of the assignment handout.
Squibble Story Excerpt


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