Project 3: molecular modeling

The ability to locate molecular models that describe proteins, chemical compounds or other structures can be a useful addition to an artists set of skills. Whether creating 3d animations, 2d art or sculptural work, accurate representation of molecular structures is preferable.

Using the fetch by ID option in UCSF Chimera software, locate a molecular structure of your choosing and create a visual representation of it. Choose between the various types of representation such as ball and stick, surface, ribbon, etc. The molecule you choose should have some meaning to you or should lend itself to a message you wish to convey or a sculptural idea you have in mind.

Use the 3D model (exported as vrml format) to generate a sculptural piece in a 3D package such as Cinema 4D or Maya. All finished models should have parts welded together as a “water tight” model in the end. Be sure to set your 3D file up from the start using specific units such as inches or centimeters. Design your final piece to a specific size, probably 6 inches or less.

Upload your final model to and place an order in the material of your choice.
Info about printing in color (colour if you are european).

The only portion of the project that MUST be 3D prototyped from is the molecular structure itself. Other sculptural elements may be used in the final piece if desired to convey the message you are working with.

Order models online by March 8.
Critique in class March 17.


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