Students work directly with medical/scientific professionals to transform data and research into creative representations that might include animations, musical compositions, video and film, photographs, illustrations, and web pages. Through course projects, research and collaborating with professionals, students will gain insight into the multifaceted field of science visualization and the exciting relationship between art and science.


Scientific Visualization is a vast field involving creative and technical display of scientific knowledge and information (data).  Many science visualization projects involve teams of people from scientists, computer information specialists (programming) and science artists.  This course will pair students with each other as well as researchers from the science community to create visual projects that enhance and explain research being conducted across campus.  Class exercises, projects, discussions, presentations and critiques will help students to gain knowledge of the science visualization field, create portfolio-ready work, gain new skills and enhance existing skills for use in bridging art and science.


Junior, senior or graduate level standing.



  • Gain knowledge of various scientific project and data types through hands on exercises, long term projects and in class discussions
  • Learn about multiple research topics conducted at UCDenver through in class discussion and presentation by research scientists across campus


  • Research Techniques
  • Facility to work with multiple data sources and software applications


  • Gain confidence in the ability to work with professionals in the science community
  • Gain appreciation for the multi-faceted field of science visualization
  • Achieve proficiency in planning and executing an efficient workflow


Recommended TextS

The Visual Display of Quanititative Information by Edward R. Tufte.

Visual Language for Designers by Connie Malamed

Laws of Simplicity by John Maeda.

I’ll bring additional books into the classroom from time to time.


Websites of Interest

Many Eyes



NSF Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge



NASA Science Visualization Studio



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