Guidelines in Preparing files for 3D printing/Rapid Prototyping.

Use the following guidelines when preparing your files for 3D printing:

1. All models should be converted to editable format and welded together by material type.

2. Separate materials should have mating surfaces, that is touching without overlap.

3. Use inches as measurement system and double check part size to be around 6x6x6 inches or less.

4. Be sure there are no overlapping or hollow parts. All parts need to be water tight.

5. When subtracting or combining parts together, consider using a package such as Rhinoceros for Windows or the beta version for OS X. (Available on Travis’ laptop during class times).

6. Final models should be in STL format. One file for each separate material type.

7. Create a render of your model that resembles the final product for reference when assembling builds.

8. Use no more than 2 materials total in your model.


Project 3 Deadlines

Project 3 models must be ready to send off by Tuesday, April 5th. We will test all models and review them in class that day. Please have parts grouped by material type and sized correctly. We will go over sizing and part preparation in class on Tuesday March 29th.

We have a tour scheduled at Medical Modeling on Tueday, April 19th at 4:30pm. We will learn about the various types of technologies they use there and will pick up our completed models. I will be driving if anyone needs a ride. Otherwise, please make arrangements accordingly.
Medical Modeling is located in Golden. 17301 W. Colfax Avenue, Golden, Colorado 80401.