Thoughts on Piton Project

I just wanted to post an update on the progress for the Piton Foundation project and put out a couple more considerations for moving forward. In this sketch that I did I was trying to figure out how we would access the information so I put down a couple different methods. The first is on the left where we would have a drop down list and by selecting a school a new map would populate. Then I was thinking that it could be possible to have multiple schools appear on the same map by adding radio buttons to turn schools on or off. That would make it much easier to compare schools. Also if we were to have some way to present the schools with a visual cue that makes it easy to see some part of the data side by side you would be able to separate relevant information quickly. For example, if they’re looking for the schools that have students that have to travel there could be an icon that would make the selection stand out. You can see an example of what I’m talking about in the sketch.
One last thing is about the visual aesthetic of our design. I ran across this article about using color with user interface. It’s very helpful in understanding some of the does and don’ts of UI design: Great UI link


Clear Visualization

Having a clean visualization that doesn’t add a lot of flare is a quality that I’ve been appreciating a lot more lately. Although this looks like some thing that would come come out of a textbook and wont gain the kind of visual appeal that a 3D model might do, it still grabs my interest because it let’s me know just be glancing at it that it’s something I can easily understand. Maybe when I start looking into it the complexity will prove challenging, but the impression that I get from the start is that the image tells a story and I can figure out what it’s trying to say one small step at a time.