DataVis Preproduction: my scrobbles, let me show you them.

datavis styleboard

For my data visualization, I’d like to concentrate on keeping information simple and clear. My styleboard, above, illustrates the types of looks I would enjoy working in as well as the method – I think that data presented clearly in a moving format would be wonderful. Because it is moving, however, I’ll need to keep the information presented short and clear, making sure that the movements don’t interfere with being able to understand the graphs ie titles can be read, etc.

As far as data goes, I have been gathering data on my own behaviors since January and I’ll collate, scrub, format and compile this into a coherent set. I don’t know if this data will tell a story or connect anything at all – this process is called “lifelogging“, which means collecting info on our own life and activities. Lifelogging  is happening to everyone somewhat by default because of the digital technology we use that tracks our behavior (Foursquare, etc) and this form of passive lifeblogging is sometimes called ‘Scrobbling” .

I look forward to seeing what type of information I end up charting and why! I hope I find patterns in my behavior and that analysis of my activities and information can impact the future decisions I make in order to motivate me to be a healthier person.

Motion graphic links:

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Info links:

The Technium: Lifelogging, An – scrobbling page, Everything the Internet Knows About Me (Because I Asked It To) – Digits – WSJ


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