Project 2. World Hunger

I am going to do my project on world hunger.  My idea now is something using different forms of bread
that is a staple in that country, versus the cost of that bread, and then the per capita income.  I may also use farming, how it contributes to the cost, the amount of production, hense the cost.  I would like to be able to do an interactive display, it just depends on whether I can develop the computer skills in time for completion of this project.  I am initially going to try to do this project in Cinema 4D.

The link to the site of is

Other links include:

I am more drawn to creating an artistic representation of some sort.

This is a piece that inspires me.

And also the work of Chris Jordan. I also really like the image previously posted by someone called nature. I had seen that before, and was drawn to it.


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